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1991 BMW 520i Auto Sedan

I've driven so many different vehicles since my old 1991 BMW 520i. I still remember how it had the smoothest drive of all cars (I've ever driven anyway). IThe turning circle was also amazing and every part of it had excellent German Engineering. The BMW factory really do know how to build a first class vehicle. My kids loved it too. there was plenty of leg room and when I dropped them off anywhere, you could see the smile when their friends saw them hop out of the car. 

Even though I purchased this car when it was about 15 years old, it still had a streamline modern look to all other cars on the road. (We're talking in Australia).  Yep, when I get some coin, I've going to get a 5 series. What other vehicle can you get for between 15 to 30k that is Luxury, drives supreme, has all the features that you want like electrics, seat adjustments, quiet, and on and on? 


Yep BMW I love what you do great cars. If an M5 comes up, I'll certainly consider!

Andy K