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A Chattel Mortgage is for companies and Business owners to buy motor vehicles or trucks.

Under a chattel mortgage, you own the goods and the finance company takes security, a mortgage, over them.

You maintain ownership of the goods at all times. Once the contract ends, the finance company removes the mortgage from the goods.



For companies and professionals to buy business goods such as motor vehicles, trucks, machinery or industrial equipment.

Under a leasing agreement, the finance company purchases the goods and maintains ownership of them, then leases the goods to you. At the end of the term, the goods are returned to the finance company, or you can make arrangements for ownership.


Cheapest Personal
Car Loan

You’re looking for a new set of wheels, but you’re not entirely sure how to get them. IA personal car loan is designed for individuals looking to purchase a new car for themselves or their family. Get on the road quicker with solutions that embrace your goals (be it a mid-life crisis or a strong need for vehicle that fits all the kiddies).

The finance company will lend the borrower the funds required to pay for a new vehicle. The agreement is that the borrower will make regular payments, including interest, to the finance provider until the full amount is paid. At this time, the borrower will then receive full ownership of the vehicle.


Hire Purchase

Perfect for companies and professionals to buy goods such as motor vehicles, trucks, boats, machinery or industrial equipment.

Under a hire purchase agreement, the finance company owns the goods and “hires” them to you. Once the final payment has been made, ownership of the goods passes to you.



Hip-pocket giving you a bit of grief? When you are searching for a lender, you want to find a deal that suits your financial situation and requirements. At Frontline Financial Solutions, we offer our clients with a range of cheap options that suit both commercial and personal applications. Cheap car finance does not always mean higher interest rates and fees. It’s important that you’re given access to providers that offer low interest car loans at affordable prices to allow you to purchase the car you need.

Offering the cheapest car loans in Perth and Melbourne has led to Frontline becoming a leader in auto finance. Select from hire purchase options to leasing agreements and more, our solutions are created with YOU in mind.

Low doc car loans for new business owners

The newly self-employed often have difficulty producing the required documentation for cheap car finance. However, low doc car loans allow those with minimal documentation to secure the necessary funds for their vehicles. Whether you have a short business history, or have been self-employed for a number of years, our team can source the best car loan rates for you.

Offices in both Perth and Melbourne

Located in two major cities, and allowing for greater coverage and personalised service, you can always contact either of our offices directly. Alternatively, complete the online enquiry form to receive a call from one of our staff members. While we offer cheap car loans, we do not compromise on our customer service levels. Expect first class service when you deal with the team at Frontline. Whether you are located in Perth suburbs or the Melbourne CBD, you will be offered an attractive solution.

Contact us today on 1300 857 130 to discuss our low interest car loans or any of our other finance options. Alternatively, head to our calculator page to get the lowdown on all figures you need to know.