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Truck Finance

1. Deposit: how much will I need to finance a truck?
2. Payments: how much will they be?


No Deposit

Depending on your experience and some other credit criteria, you may qualify for 100% lending (sometimes more for stamp duty and other costs) Ask us about this when you speak to one of our freindly and very experienced finance people. You have access to our accountants and financial planners too!


Used Truck

We can arrange finance to purchase u=your truck whether it be new or used and even for older vehicles. There are many methods we use to finance a vehicle also and we have access to all the major lenders and other commercial lenders that will ensure you the best deal. Sometimes it works out best to arrange finance using real estate security as it tends to be at much lower rates and can be done over a longer period of time. Whatever loan structure is best for your individual situation will be discussed and a proposal provided. Call us on 1300 857 130 now.


Start up Business (Transport)

Question.. Can we arrange finance for a new business?

Answer Yes!

What you'll need..

  • One page resume outlining your experience. This is really important and if you're a start up business it's a neccessity. Little or no experience will definitely be a deal breaker. (An exception to this would be if you have an amazing contract and business plan along with other items below).
  • Good security. The Asset being the truck must be valued and the loan usually would be less than the actual value
  • Deposit. The more the better!
  • Personal Assets & liabilities. If you take care of your own personal finances and have evidence of this, your application becomes more favourable

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